How to stop Pinterest posting to your Facebook timeline

26 Feb

2012 already looks like being the year of Pinterest. There are already a myriad of blogs and stats dedicated to this fast growing network, in fact according to Ragan’s PR Daily there are already  50 million Google blog search results for the site. That’s a lot of people talking about it. For the Social Media Manager this means yet another network to get your head around and yet another site to update *shudder*.

I have to be honest,  I am still getting to grips with Pinterest but can definitely see its value as a source of referral traffic for retail brands. Meanwhile the domestic goddess/Cath Kidston wannabe hiding somewhere in me loves it for craft and homeware ideas.

I can completely understand why Pinterest  makes you connect your account to your Facebook/Twitter accounts. By utilising the viral nature of these huge sites Pinterest is sure to keep popping up on a newsfeed near you. That newsfeed updating is something I don’t like, whilst I am not about to start pinning anything I don’t want friends, family or colleagues to see, I also don’t want to start invading their newsfeeds, like a slightly cooler version of Farmville. If like me you want to pin without shouting about it, here’s how…….

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. In the top right, beside home, click the dropdown arrow and select account settings
  3. On the left side of the screen click apps
  4. You should now see a list of the apps you have given permissions to
  5. Find Pinterest and click edit beside it
  6. Look for the ‘This app can’ section and click remove beside ‘Add app activity to your timeline’
  7. Alternatively you can select only certain people to see your Pinterest activity by clicking the app activity privacy section and choosing exactly who can see your updates
Stop Pinterest posting to my Facebook timeline

Edit your Facebook settings to stop Pinterest automatically posting boards to your Facebook timeline

Ta da, update your Pinterest boards without it posting anything to Facebook.


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